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Valve Assembly & Testing

SIS offers the following valve automation services:

• Design, supply, assemble and test complete on off and control valve packages
• Install and test our actuator on your free issued valve, including switches, solenoid, positioner and other accessories
• Install your free issued actuator and accessories on our valve
• In house custom bracket and coupler design and machining
• Extended brackets for heat dissipation
• Actuator modification for fast cycling
• Volume tanks and custom air spring packages
• Supply, installation and testing of fail in place devices, speed controls, volume boosters and dribble control systems

All assemblies are completely tested and documented. Testing includes electrical confirmation of switches and solenoid, valve stroke and calibration where required.

All metal seated ball valves and Triple and 4 offset buttefly valves are seat leak tested after actuator installation to confirm proper set up.

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