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Ball Valves

About Quadrant

ASC Engineered Solutions’ Quadrant® valves and actuators are the safest quarter-turn valve products available anywhere. Quadrant’s product line includes threaded, seal-welded, maintenancedesign, multi-port/flanged floating ball valves, butterfly valves, actuators, gear operators and accessories. Ball valve sizes are available up to 10 inches with pressure ratings from 150 psig to 10,800 psig. Butterfly valves range up to 12 inches, with pressure ratings of 150-200 psig. Quadrant’s valve solutions solve real-world safety and code-compliance issues while leading the way in valve technology, safety and compliance. ASC provides the technologies, proven solutions, delivery and support capabilities to ensure the success of your project. Quadrant is committed to unmatched product reliability and performance to their customers – worldwide.

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F1 QVA Unibody

F2 QVA Split Body

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