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Ball Valves

About JDV

JDV was founded by Mr. Shun-Tian Fan in 1975, and employs more than 200 people. It is the only high-end control valve domestic maker that emphasizes on 100% made in Taiwan. It uses the JDV brand for its global marketing, and the products are used in the petrochemical, refining, power plants, textile, steel, optical and paper industries. Due to the advanced industrial equipments, innovative technology, standardized production and comprehensive electronic services, JDV has become the top choice for many big firms home and abroad.

Due to the world’s environmental consciousness and the industrial safety requirements, JDV’s high-end control valves are made with sophisticated metal seal technology. The products can achieve 100% stop-leak and work in various harsh environments as hot as 800℃ and as low as -196℃ while withstanding pressures up to 2,500 pounds. The design combines craftsmanship and exclusive high velocity oxygen fuel spraying, challenging the limits of precise process.

From design to manufacturing, the products take humanities, safety, environmental protection and energy conservation into consideration. JDV has industry-leading core technologies and abilities, including HVOF, precise metal seal grinding and the development of new-generation valves, providing higher quality, more values and the trustworthy “Taiwan Excellence”.

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Metal Seated Ball Valves Brochure

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