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Pneumatic Actuators

About Easytork

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Easytork manufactures quarter turn pneumatic actuators for users worldwide in a wide variety of markets such as oil & gas, chemical, aerospace, power generation, water/municipal, general industrial, etc. Easytork’s patented spring-less internal air reservoir vane design makes their pneumatic actuator the smallest and lightest in the world. Additionally, compared to spring & diaphragm for control valves, Easytork’s patented control actuator line is 1/10th the weight, 1/6th the size, significantly more cost effective and air efficient, has better than/equal to benchmark test performance, and is more robust and easier to install.

Easytork documents and brochures

Control Actuator
(ECA Series)

Vane Actuator (EVA Series)
& Accessories

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