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Control Valves

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About Cashco

Cashco’s business consists of two major segments:

Cashco manufactures a proprietary line of self-contained regulators and control valves. The regulators are self-sufficient valves that control the flow based on line pressure at the regulator. By contrast, control valves control flow based on an external signal coming from a controller. Cashco valves control liquids and gases in industrial applications. The valves are sold through a network of manufacturers’ representatives.

Cashco manufactures a full line of tank blanketing, pressure/vacuum conservation vents, emergency vents, flame and detonation arrestors. This market is specifically focused on oil & gas, storage facilities, terminals, and distribution centers.

Cashco documents and brochures

Control Valves Brochure

Industrial Regulators Brochure

Sanitary Control Valves Brochure

Vapor Control Systems Brochure

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