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Custom Valve Design

Our Steam experts help our customers THRU Walking the plant applying steam system optimization, ensuring energy savings to reduce co2 emissions USING BELOW STEPS:


Managing the Steam Trap Population

1. Lower op ex by identifying & resolving steam trap opportunities:
2. Maximize investment by accurately diagnosing steam trap operation with TLV’s TrapMan®:
3. Minimize total steam trap life cycle costs by selecting trap technology according to application.
4. Ensure expected benefits.
5. Ensure program sustainability & continuous ongoing improvements using TLV’s TrapManager® program with a historical database of trap condition monitoring results:


Improve Steam-Using Applications

1.Identify Low Hanging Fruits opportunities for generating high-value returns with a plant walk through the steam plant.
2. Achieve benefits from high ROI “quick hits,” requiring little investment:
3. Accelerate detailed design and help ensure correct functionality using TLV’s Consulting & Engineering Services.
4. Help ensure trouble-free successful solutions with TLV & Process and steam specialties(SIS) on-site support:
5. Confidence of success in using TLV Consulting & Engineering Services (CES) and Process and steam specialties (SIS) expertise.


Optimize the Steam & Condensate System
The goal is to optimize the entire system & condensate system by improving individual applications. This is achieved by conducting a TLV Consulting & Engineering Services (CES) Survey.


1. Uncover “over-looked” opportunities even within best-in-class plants
2. Ensure benefits are “realistic” and can actually be realized when taking account of complex interactions between applications & opportunities
3. Provide financial justification and ensure the sustainability of implementation by identifying a variety of Practical, actionable findings which fill the “opportunity pipeline”
4. Achieve benefits from high ROI “quick hits” requiring little investment
5. Quickly achieve additional short term payback benefits using existing maintenance & operating budgets
6. Expand or upgrade the 3 to 5 year capital project plan with high value opportunities
7. Minimize site resources and generate program momentum with a short focused event & rapid reporting

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