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Serge Baril heat tracing cables are engineered to provide the right product for the application be it self-regulating, constant wattage zone type, or mineral insulated heaters.

The Serge Baril CCA family of self-regulating heaters comes in 3,6,8 watts/ft (10,20, and 26 watts/m) at 50F(10C) and is designed to cover most heat tracing applications a contractor will meet.

Mineral insulated cable is a high performance, industrial quality, series resistance heating cable which uses a high temperature metallic conductor as the heating element. Mineral insulated cables provides a series resistance heating system so that power output is uniform over the entire length of the cable, and can be operated at up to 88 watts/ft (289 watts/m).

Typical Applications:

  • Pipe freeze protection
  • Tank freeze protection
  • Maintain temperature in product pipelines
  • Sprinkler freeze protection
  • Hot water systems
  • Drains, roofs & gutters
  • Comfort and space heating

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